New Home Port!

Tilghman is the quintessential, quaint working harbor some seek for a true nautical experience. It’s bucolic setting takes you back 50 years to the crabbing, fishing, Eastern Shore lifestyle.

But we wanted to be closer to the lighthouses!

Our new home port at the foot of the Bay Bridge is right in the heart of some of the most scenic lighthouses on the Chesapeake! Within two hours, we can visit three lighthouses! Thomas Point, Baltimore Light and Sandy Point are all within a two-hour cruise! Plus, we pass under the Bay Bridge! Twice!

Hemingway’s is right there! Before or after the trip, you can have a cocktail and a meal right where we pick you up for your cruise!

We hope you’ll visit us at our new dock!

New Website!


Chesapeake Lighthouses has joined the techno age! Our new website is optimized, mobile-friendly and features online booking! We are so incredibly excited about this! In the midst of cold, wet February, we’ve been receiving multiple reservations via our new online booking system!

2018 is going to be a great season for Chesapeake Lights! Our new ferry service from Annapolis to Saint Michaels is already a hit! We’ve added a trip to Solomons Island that already has reservations! We’re continuing our tours of Thomas Point Shoal lighthouse through collaboration with the United States Lighthouse Society and the Annapolis Maritime Museum, and we’re ready to explore Scotland’s lighthouses in 2019!

Please search out our new website and share it!

We’ll see you out there!

Captain G


Chesapeake Frozen Mistress

20180101_172454 (2)
Deep Freeze on the Chesapeake!

Happy 2018!

The rivers, inlets and marinas along the Chesapeake are frozen solid; the earliest deep freeze in decades! Most recreational boaters hauled out as soon as the temps dipped below the 60’s, but many working boats are still in the water… ice, until we see a thaw. Sanctuary and Sharps Island are among the frozen.

As fall set in, I debated whether or not to haul Sanctuary out. Last year I rang in New Year’s day with a sail on the Chesapeake, so I planned on hauling her out in early January; here we are on the third day of the new year and the marina is just as frozen as the rest of us! No haul-outs for the foreseeable future! I’ve been checking on Sanctuary every day. So far she seems fine with only a skin of slush against her hull. I winterized her, so she has storage anti-freeze running through her veins. The worst damage she seems to be suffering is a scraping of the bottom paint at the waterline. Still, I’ll be running down soon to make sure she’s safe.

Sharps Island is also in the ice. I didn’t intend to haul her. There’s a project out at Poplar Island and I decided I’d be at the ready in case a sudden need for another crew boat arose. I check her every day, too, and she’s also surrounded by slush. The tricky thing with her is I didn’t winterize the freshwater intake. I’m going down later today to make sure all the seacocks are closed and pour a little antifreeze in her strainer. She has a block heater, so she should be fine. I just need to take a spare electrical cord down so if the current cord fails for any reason, I can plug her back in and keep her core warm.

All the euphemisms about boats seem to live up to their reputation, but the one that’s always true is, “A boat is a demanding mistress!” It’s true! She’s always on my mind and she demands constant attention!

I need to go now and make sure she’s safe and warm…


About Us

We are a small boat tour business in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay! Our specialty is lighthouses! We run 2-hour, 5-hour, 10-hour and multiple day trips to remote lighthouses all around the Chesapeake Bay!

I am a USCG licensed captain with a 50 ton Masters License. M/V Sharps Island is a retired USN vessel. She served as a captain’s gig aboard a battleship (possibly USS New Jersey?) and before that she served as support for amphibious special ops missions (classified details, of course).

My first mate on most of my journeys is my daughter, Kenna. In addition to being an all-around kind soul, she is also my dive buddy (she’s 12 years old and holds an Advanced Open Water certification!!!!) and is incredibly reliable and capable!

Shawn, my wife, is the hostest with the mostest! She is in her element chatting with passengers; sharing lighthouse details, narrating previous nautical adventures, and learning about passengers’ backgrounds and interests.

Duncan, our son, is 1st class swabbie! He’s a mate in training and loves driving the boat, scrubbing the decks, and spraying off the salt after a long day on the water.